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Casters series
Capacidad 200 - 35,000
200 35,000
Diámetro 3.00 - 28.00
3.00 28.00
Anchura 1.30 - 16.00
1.30 16.00
Tipo De Balero
Caster ShoX
Doble Rueda
Dual Flanged
Libre de Mantenimiento
Modern Suspension Aluminum
Rueda Neumática
Rueda Neumática Doble
Shock Absorbing
Single Flanged
Uso Medio Pesado
Vertical Mounted
    Parametric search and CAD instructions:
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  2. Select individual or multiple options such as Capacity, Diameter, etc. by using sliders or pull down menus
  3. After you've found the desired Series and Product, simply choose CAD or Custom CAD to further refine and download your caster model